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With tones of brilliant entertainment news every day, available right here we thought we’d kick things off by talking about our namesake film; Deuces Wild.

First released in 2002 by director Scott Kalvert. Deuces Wild is a dramatic and action-packed gang warfare/ vigilante film. Featuring an all-star cast of (if you haven’t watched it, you’re missing out on a seriously young and steamy) James Franco, Brad Renfro and Mat Dillion- what a dream team- not to forget our baddie; Norman Reedus. Set in the sweltering summer of 1958 in Brooklyn New York, after the death of gang member and brother, two NY Gangs come together and vow to keep drugs off the streets of NYC. When a third gang (funded by drug money) gets involved and tries to seize turf things heat up even more and gang warfare hits the streets of NYC.

Deuces Wild is an iconic gang classic that shifts perspectives with an unusual twist on gang behaviour and representation. For a 50s films, Deuces Wild is a sure winner- so much so, we named our site after it. Inclusive of an all-star cast who do their characters full justice, fantastic soundtrack and love plot twist.

Just like the Deuces, we’re shaking things up in the world of entertainment. For all your entertainment news, movie reviews and behind the scenes info join Deuces Wild in 2018.